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Kronos 1 - WIP

Kronos 1, Deep Space Exploration Vehicle.

This is probably my most ambitious space project so far. I've been working on this spacecraft for quite a while now, several months of all the design work that includes the spacecraft design, interiors, mission structure and goals, functional design of different sections of the vehicle and some other technical details. For now I wanted to present to you a 3d model that took almost a month to make and there are still lots of stuff to do. Anyway, I wanted to tease you a bit and share some of my excitement for this project, full presentation of the Kronos 1 mission coming later this year.

PS - Any resemblance to Hermes spacecraft from The Martian is pretty much coincidental and mostly comes from the research and lots of thinking about realistic long duration crewed space missions. It just means that both me and The Martian crew, did their research on space vehicles ;)